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Kelvin Chia Partnership operates in Thailand as Kelvin Chia Thailand – KCT. As the Thailand unit of KCP’s regional practice, KCT is steered by KCP’s head office in Singapore and due to KCP’s matured emphasis & ever increasing focus on the Thai market in tandem with the boom in foreign investment interests with eyes on Thai – KCT has developed into a solid local practice tailored to meet these abundant demands.

Thailand, as many a long standing Client had commented, despite its significant appeal – is a rather unconventional and confusing jurisdiction to navigate legally – yet with enticing rewards to be reaped in so many respects. KCT has grown into a steadfast compass to aid proprietors in braving Thailand’s legal landscape, a driving force for growth & expansion into what is fast becoming a key business hub in Asia.

KCT is of course, fully equipped with all the infrastructure of knowledge & expertise in Kelvin Chia Partnership as one limb of the latter’s Asia regional practice. This cumulative transnational expertise & multi-jurisdictional wealth of legal know how merged with that of the local Thai seniority equips proprietors with the necessary intelligence and confidence to spearhead their Thai-bound projects.

KCT also has the advantage of being fully functional- in a wide variety of languages (besides English as its first & operational language and Thai as the Thailand-qualified lawyers’ native language) including Mandarin, Japanese, Korean, French, Malay, Vietnamese, Burmese, Khmer, Filipino, Tamil, and so forth.

With KCP being the collective practice of lawyers qualified from over 16 different jurisdictions, KCT enjoys on-the-ground support from these foreign lawyers & the firm’s diverse corporate affairs departments, and is able to provide clients with the truly tailored service of a regional firm, a first-hand understanding of the needs from both ends of a cross-border transaction and a choice selection of the best international standards.



The following are KCT’s 3 key contacts, that are based in KCP’s Bangkok office, for all Thailand-bound, Thailand-related & Thailand outbound work. To view our complete list of professionals, as well as the profiles of the Senior Partners and Partners of KCP’s regional practice that lead the Bangkok office, please visit KCP’s website.

Vachira Jiraoragul Kelvin Chia Thailand Kelvin Chia Partnership


Senior Litigator – Thailand

Attorney-at-Law, TH ; Lawyer’s License ; LL.B (Assumption University, TH) ; LL.M (Chulalongkorn University, TH)

Vachira is a Thai Attorney-at-Law and is the Country Manager of KCT. Vachira’s primary practice areas include Commercial Litigation ; Civil Litigation ; Criminal Litigation ; Bankruptcy & Insolvency ; Debt Recovery ; Management Corporations ; Negligence & Professional Negligence ; Tort ; Mortgage Actions ; Probate & Estate Management ; Dispute Resolution ; & Arbitration.

A seasoned, heavyweight litigator, Vachira has represented and advised property developers, building professionals, builders & management corporations in a wide spectrum of building & construction-related disputes both in Court and in arbitral proceedings. Notably, he was the main counsel who represented a party in arbitration proceedings involving a million claims for compensation / damages. Vachira has accumulated substantial experience in handling commercial & civil disputes. He has also represented employees, directors, shareholders & companies in several proceedings tried in the High Court. He also has represented individuals & corporations in tenancy disputes and has solid working knowledge of will drafting, probate law & estate management.

Prior to KCT, Vachira has litigated for over 16 years – 10 years with a renowned local law firm as a litigator & another 6 years in a top-tier Thailand based law firm as a senior litigator, bringing with him the wealth of seasoned expertise needed to assist clients in resolving their complex disputes and in particular the expertise needed to effectively and fruitfully navigate the Thai Courts.

Phojana Sukphimai Kelvin Chia Thailand Kelvin Chia Partnership



Corporate Affairs Manager – Thailand

B.A in Chinese (Tam Kam University, TW) ; Higher Diploma (I-TIM, TH)

Phojana Sukphimai has been living and getting her formal education in Taiwan since her adolescence. After receiving her degree in Chinese Language at Tan Kam University in Taiwan she followed up with a degree in hospitality from the International Hotel and Tourism Industry Management School in Thailand. Phojana, was gainfully employed by high end hotels such as the Formosa Regent in Taipei and the Four Season Hotel in Bangkok. It was during this hotel stint that she was exposed to meeting and handling high net worth individuals staying on the executive floors. Positive feedbacks were generously given by guests under her care for her attentiveness to details and efficiency in responding to requests, as well as providing a warm and friendly experience for their stay in the hotel.

After leaving the hotel industry, she proceeded to start her business career. Because of her fluency in English, Chinese and Thai, Na was able to establish a network of trade between Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. Only still in her early thirties, she has extensive experience in matching the demands and supplies of goods and services in different Asian countries. Whether it is private business or government related projects. She has been there and done it.

Phojana has developed solid knowledge in a diverse range of industries, on top of having built strong business acumen. Armed with this and having assisted numerous businesses in navigating the Thai legal regime – Phojana has a first-hand understanding of the many different legal obstacles and difficulties foreign investors face, and is often sought after for her aptitude for problem solving. Phojana, in the long course has also developed a substantive network of contacts with governmental departments in Thailand and has often been commended for her ability to drive projects through.

       Joel Loo Sean Ee Joel Loo Bangkok Joel Loo Thailand Kelvin Chia Thailand Kelvin Chia Partnership



Bangkok-based Senior Regional Counsel

Advocate & Solicitor, MY ; Admitted, Malaysian BAR ; LL.B (Hons) (Aberystwyth, UK) ; CLP (Hons) (MY) ; Certificates in Intellectual Property (WIPO) and Civil Litigation (MY BAR)

Joel’s primary practice, confined to Thailand-related work is transnational, cross-border & multi-jurisdictional transactional work, with an emphasis on corporate, commercial & intellectual property matters. In respect of Thai-bound work, without limitation, Joel is most often sought after for corporate M & A work ; inbound foreign franchising ; real estate acquisitions ; construction disputes ; all aspects of intellectual property work (contentious & non-contentious) ; and a wide variety of market entry & foreign investment work. Without limitation for the type of work described above, Joel has advised & has acted for Fortune Global 500 corporations, giant MNCs and other market leading proprietors for their Thai matters.

For instance, Joel has recently represented (or advised as applicable) –

  • a giant Japanese multinational conglomerate (aviation, among others) in the Thai-side of its multinational acquisition of another (including due diligence), the latter’s Thai-side being the processor & supplier for the Japanese base of, and also the site for local sales & exports of, fruits & vegetables procured from contract-farmers and thereafter, with the corporate restructuring & legal compliance moving forward
  • a Russian MNC in the inward acquisition (including due diligence) of a local E-money service provider, the expansion of its e-commerce capacity (electronic transactions) and legal compliance moving forward
  • a worldwide leader in animal nutrition based in the US with regards to their Thai employment issues
  • a large Thai listed company (automobile parts manufacturer) in relation to a debt-restructuring matter and with regards to promotions under the IEAT
  • a large multinational software company based in the UK in relation to a gaming control matter
  • a Canadian-based international franchise (sports & fitness) in the inception of its franchise into Thailand
  • a Fortune Global 500 giant pharmaceutical conglomerate in a contentious trademark opposition (for wrongful similarity to an INN)
  • proprietors based in the UK in the resolution of a multijurisdictional dispute premised basically on UK laws but adjudicated in the Thai Court concluding in a multijurisdictional Court compromise order and in the creation of a multijurisdictional trust
  • a Hong Kong based MNC on Thai mining laws & regulations
  • a British controlled Thai financial consultancy company with regards to its local financing and its conversion into a public listed company
  • British proprietors in negotiating a construction dispute
  • a number of MNCs and large corporations in relation to their Thai-bound foreign investments and a number of investors in their Thai real estate acquisitions
  • a worldwide leader in machinery based from Japan and a well known Hollywood superstar in contentious trademark matters
  • various multinational conglomerates in respect of ESPPs / ESOPs offered by overseas listed corporations to the employees of their Thai subsidiaries, and SEC requirements for the same
  • a market leading pharmaceutical MNC in respect of FDA regulatory affairs (in particular medical instruments / devices) and contentious recourse stemming therefrom
  • various multinational conglomerates in respect to Thai privacy / personal data protection laws, Thai laws & regulations on Electronic Transactions
  • overseas financial institutions on obtaining security in Thailand for offshore loans to be given to Thailand-based entities
  • the registration, prosecution & enforcement of the Thai IP portfolios of Fortune Global 500 corporations and other market leading MNCs

Joel has been the Bangkok-based Managing Counsel of an international law firm headquartered in the UK (operations in UK – US – HK – SG – TH) and the Thailand Country Manager of an international, Asia-focused firm headquartered in Singapore (local operations in 11 key Asian jurisdictions). Also, Joel has authored or otherwise co-written many publications on the Thai legal arena & doing business in Thailand.

In respect of Malaysian work, Joel had been engaged in different legal consultancy arrangements such as one for a leading local firm and another for a boutique small practice. Joel had worked with a top-tier Malaysian law firm where he amassed experience in complex civil litigation matters (e.g. compulsory acquisitions of land, corporate fraud, construction, trade secrets) under the wing of a civil litigation partner, and technical corporate commercial matters (e.g. science & technology compliance, conveyancing due diligence, corporate due diligence of a data storage provider). In Malaysia, Joel has assisted counsel of Forbes Global 2000 corporations and market-leading conglomerates.

Joel has also done a bit of criminal litigation work (dock brief, mitigation of sentences on guilty pleas) as part of his involvement in legal aid and has appeared in the local Chinese press for one such hearing. Prior to practice, Joel had been the executive legal director of a group of Malaysian privately-held companies whereby he developed a sharp business acumen on top of learning first hand the legal challenges business face.

Common-law qualified, Joel has also undertaken extensive research and has advised on the laws of other common-law / commonwealth jurisdictions such as the UK (where he read law); AUS ; NZ ; HK ; CA ; SG, and brings to the table a cross-jurisdiction exchange of legal principles & knowledge.




 Kelvin Chia Partnership Joel Loo Sean EeKelvin Chia Partnership Joel Loo Sean EeKelvin Chia Partnership Joel Loo Sean Ee

.Premyuda Pruksajarnsiri     Thanida Wuttapanich   Kansiree Chutinunwaradom





Kelvin Chia Thailand Kelvin Chia Partnership Asia Regional Law FirmKELVIN CHIA (THAILAND)

Room 1603, 16th Fl. Sathorn Square Office Tower,

98 North Sathorn Rd., Silom, Bangrak

10500 Bangkok, Thailand

Sathorn Square


2 minutes from BTS Chong Nonsi (Silom line)


+66 2 1081788 (Int’l) 02 1081788 (Domestic)


+66 2 1081787 (Int’l) 02 1081787 (Domestic)






Capital Markets ; Initial Public Offerings ; Bond Issue ; Listed Companies Takeover ; Listed Companies Regulatory ; Listed Companies Advisory ; Securities Regulatory ; Mergers and Acquisitions ; Investment Advisory, Fund and Fund Management ; Venture Capital ; Equity Funds ; Structured Investments ; Joint Ventures ; Foreign Investment ; Corporate Secretarial ; Corporate Governance ; Company Advisory ; Company Regulatory ; Partnerships ; Charitable organization ; Trust ; Debt Restructuring ; Restructuring ; Reorganizations ; Mergers and Amalgamations ; Banking and Finance ; Energy, Oil and Gas ; Infrastructure ; Mining ; Financial Services ; Banking and Finance ; Derivatives ; Securitization ; Project Financing ; Ship Financing ; Employment and Labor Law ; Immigration Services ; Redundancy ; Tax ; Information Technology ; Media ; Telecommunications ; Commercial Intellectual Property ; Transactional Intellectual Property ; Patent ; Trademarks ; Engineering and Construction ; Insurance ; Cross Border Transactions ; Transnational Transactions ; Arbitration ; Commercial Litigation ; Civil Litigation ; Cross Border Dispute Resolutions ; Bankruptcy and Insolvency ; Banking Litigation ;  Debt Recovery ; Shipping Litigation ; Intellectual Property Litigation ; Personal Injuries ; Insurance Claims ; Corporate Management ; Negligence ; Professional Negligence ; Tort ; Divorce ; Family ; Matrimonial ; Probate ; Estate ; Leases ; Tenancies ; Commercial Property ; Residential Property ; Conveyancing ; Real Estate ; Provident Funds ; Employee Stock Option Plans ; Employee Stock Purchase Plans




Thailand Corporate, Commercial, Business & Investment

Company Incorporation & Formation ; United State Companies under the AMITY Treaty ; Japanese Companies under the JTEPA Treaty ; Australian Companies under the TAFTA Treaty ;  Joint Venture Companies ; Partnerships ; Public Limited Companies ; Private Limited Companies ; Sale & Purchase of Shares ; Sale & Purchase of Business / Assets ; Joint Venture Contracts ; Distribution Agreements ; Licensing Agreements ; Manufacturing Agreements ; Franchising Agreements ; Hotel Management Agreements ; Share Pledge Agreements ; Shareholder Agreements ; Preparation of Minutes of Meeting ; Annual General Meeting ; Extraordinary General Meeting ; Board of Directors Meeting ; Annual Balance Sheets ; Shareholder Lists ; Appointment & Removal of Directors ; Share Certificates ; Share Transfers ; Business Objectives ; Articles of Association ; Conversion of Corporate Entities ; Public Mergers & Acquisitions ; Private Mergers & Acquisitions ; Stock Exchange Listings ; Securities ; Foreign Investment ; Regional, Representative & Branch Offices ;  Alien / Foreign Business Licenses ; Regional Operation Headquarters (ROH) Licenses ; Board of Investment (BOI) Promotions ; Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) Approvals ; Factory Licenses ; Business Operating Licenses ; Restaurant Licenses ; Warehouse Licenses ; Associations, Foundations & Non-Profitable Organizations ; Non-Governmental Organizations ; School Licenses ; Private University Licenses ; Work Permits, Immigration, Permanent Residency, Visas & Thai Citizenship ; Trade-related Arbitration & Mediation ; Antitrust & Competition ; Merger Control ; Price-fixing ; Abuse Dominance ; Competitor Cooperation ;  Sale & Purchase of Goods Agreements ; Trade Agreements ; Service Agreements ; Management Agreements ; Commercial Agreements ; Cross-border Agreements ; Transnational Agreements ; Government Contracts ; Online Business Agreements ; Online Commercial Agreements ; Transnational Internet Transactions ; Information Technology ; Telecommunications ; Media, Advertising & Entertainment ; Gaming Control ; Trade, Import & Export Licensing ; Customs Clearance ; Consumer Protection ; Machinery

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Employment & Labor Law ; Employee Stock Purchase Plans ; Employee Stock Option Plans ; Work Rules & Regulations ; Unions ; Workmen’s Compensation ; Social Security Fund ; Provident Funds ; Employee Safety Compliance ; Strike Management & Control ; Employee Management ; Employee Compensation & Benefits ; Severance & Compensation ; Vicarious Liability

Thailand Product Regulatory Affairs

Food & Drug Administration Application, Registration, Appeals & Licensing ; Pharmaceuticals ; Food Products & Supplements ; Beverages ; Medical Devices & Instruments ; Consumer Products ; Animal Drug Products ; Cosmetics ; Biotechnology ; Hazardous Substances ; Narcotic & Psychotropic Substances ; Regulatory  & Compliance Implementation, Audits & Maintenance ; Ministry of Agriculture Application, Registration, Appeals & Licensing ; Animal Feed Products, Supplements & Raw Materials ; Livestock Hazardous Substances ; Pet Products ; Aquaculture Products ; Crop Care Products ; Fertilizers & Plant Feed ; Food, Beverage, Drug, Cosmetic, Medical Device, Agricultural Products, Tobacco & Alcoholic Beverage Advertising ; Import, Export, Manufacturing & Distribution Licensing ; Clinical Trials & Assessments

Thailand Real Estate & Conveyancing – Thailand Projects & Energy

Sales & Purchases ; Mortgages ; Leases ; Property Due Diligence ; Property Development ; Construction ; Building ; Roads ; Town Planning ; Acquisitions ; Foreign Investment ;  Foreign Ownership ; Board of Investment (BOI) Promotion ; Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) Approval ; Environment Impact Assessments ; Environmental & Structural Reviews ; Industrial Pollution Control ; Clean Technology Transfer & Licensing ; Health, Safety, Natural Resources and Energy Conservation ; Hazardous Substances ; Waste Minimization & Treatment ; Eco-labelling ; Corporate Environment Liability ; Reforestation ; Mineral Resources ; Petroleum ; Concession Pipeline Construction ; Privatization of Energy Industry ; Independent Power Producers ; Usufructs ; Superficies ; REITs

Thailand Tax

Personal & Corporate Income Tax ; Stamp Duties ; Petroleum Income Tax ; Property & Land Tax ; Signboard Tax ; Customs Duties ; Excise Tax ; Double Taxation Treaties ; House & Land Tax ; Specific Business Tax ; Tax Planning ; Tax Management ; Withholding Tax ; Foreign Remittance Tax ; Value Added Tax Planning & Registration ; Tax Registrations ; Tax Optimization

Thailand Banking & Finance  – Thailand Restructuring & Insolvency

Licensing and Establishment of Banks and Financial Institutions ; Private Banking ; Investment Banking ; Industrial Development ; Foreign Exchange Control ; Fund Remittance ; Loan Agreements ; Mortgage Agreements & Mortgage Registration ; Pledges ; Guarantees ; Syndicated Loans ; Convertible Loans ; Assignments ; Novations ; Project Financing ; Trade Financing ; Derivatives, Instruments & Other Securities Transactions ; Finance Leasing ; Hire Purchasing ; Financial Restructuring ; Debt Restructuring ; Business Reorganization ; Bankruptcy & Insolvency ; Securities ; Mutual Funds ; Property Funds ; Bond Financing ; Underwriting Agreements ; Initial Public Offerings ; Regulatory & Compliance ; Security & Derivative Instrument Transactions ; Securitization ; Privatization

Thailand Logistics & Transportation

Land Transportation ; Air Transportation ; Aviation ; Inland Transport ; Aircraft Finance ; Vehicle Finance ; Ship Finance ; Shipping & Maritime Laws ; Carriage of Goods by Sea ; Bills of Lading ; Cargo Recovery ; Ship Mortgages ; Vehicle Mortgages ; Aircraft Mortgages ; Sale & Purchase of Ships ; Sale & Purchase of Vehicles ; Sale & Purchase of Aircraft ; Charter Parties ; Vehicle, Aircraft & Ship Registration ; Casualty Insurance ; Life Insurance ; Marine Insurance ; Vehicle, Aircraft & Ship Insurance

Thailand Intellectual Property 

Thailand IP Registration, Prosecution, Enforcement & Dispute Resolution – Thailand Franchising, Distributing & Licensing – Thailand Media, Entertainment & Advertising

Trademark Searches ; Trademark Registrations ; Trademark Applications ; Trademark Amendments ; Trademark Licenses ; Trademark Oppositions ; Trademark Cancellations ; Trademark Renewals ; Trademark License Registrations ; Trademark Watch Services ; Trademark Customs Recordal ; Trademark Enforcement ;  Patent & Design Searches ; Patent & Design Registration ; Patent & Design Application ; Patent & Design Amendment Applications ; Patent & Design Cancellations ; Patent & Design Oppositions ; Patent & Design Watch Services ; Patent & Design Licenses ; Patent & Design License Registration ; Patent & Design Validity & Infringement Assessments ; Freedom to Operate Assessment ; Patent & Design Enforcement ; Copyright Subsistence ; Copyright Filing ; Copyright Recordal ; Copyright Licensing ; Copyright Transaction ; Geographical Indications & Attestations of Origin Searches ; Geographical Indications & Attestation of Origin Registration ; Geographical Indications & Attestation of Origin Compliance ; Trade Secrets ; Confidentiality ;  Intellectual Property Due Diligence ; Intellectual Property Infringement Searches & Investigation ; Inventor Searches ; Intellectual Property Audits ; Dealerships & Distributorships ; Consents & Assignments for Employee & Contractor Created Intellectual Property ; Intellectual Property Valuation ; Intellectual Property Risk Assessments ; Intellectual Property Optimization & Management ; Freedom to Practice Assessment ; Supply Chain Audits ; Franchise Agreements ; Intellectual Property Acquisitions ; Intellectual Property Licenses ; Distributorship Agreements ; Technology Transfer Agreements ; Confidentiality & Non-Disclosure Agreements ; Joint Venture & Collaboration Agreements ; Employment Agreements ; Asset (IP) Sale & Purchase Agreements ; Intellectual Property Financing ; Internal Corporate Intellectual Property ; Compulsory Licenses ; Personal Data Protection ; Privacy Laws ; Media Distribution ; Media & Advertising ; Sports Marketing ; Product Placement ; Music & Film Rights ; Script Approval ; Entertainment Contract Management & Administration ; Internet & Domain Name Disputes ; Trade Secrets ; Data Protection ; Product Liability ; Software Licensing ; Cease & Desist ; Intellectual Property Investigations ; Anti-Counterfeiting & Anti-Piracy ; Civil & Criminal Intellectual Property Pre-Litigation Action ; Negotiation & Alternative Dispute Resolution ; Court Mediation ; Arbitration ; Enforcement ; Cancellations ; Civil & Criminal Intellectual Property Litigation ; Trademark, Patent, Copyright, Trade Secrets, Trade Name, Passing-off, Confidentiality & Unfair Competition Litigation ; Intellectual Property Infringement ; Invalidation Proceedings ; Cancellation ; Appealing Registrar & Board (Department of Intellectual Property) Refusals ; Franchise & Distributorship Disputes

Thailand Dispute Resolution

International & Domestic Arbitration ; Enforcement of Arbitral Awards ; Civil & Commercial Litigation ; Construction & Real Estate Disputes ; Wrongful Act Matters ; Maritime Disputes ; Logistics & Transportation Disputes ; Labor & Employment Disputes ; Tax Litigation ; Banking, Finance, Bankruptcy & Reorganizations ; Securities Litigation ; International / Transnational Disputes ; International Trade Disputes ; Anti-dumping ; Trade Competition ; Anti-trust ; Unfair Competition ; Partnership & Shareholder Disputes ; Distributorship Disputes ; Director’s Liability ; Tort & Negligence ; Product Liability ; Class & Collective Actions ; Debt Collection & Recovery ; Asset Investigations ; Enforcement & Legal Execution ; Defamation ; White Collar Crimes ; Fraud ; Dishonesty ; Deception ; Forgery ; Embezzlement ; Criminal Securities Violations ; Customs, Tax, FDA & Regulatory Violations ; Money Laundering ; Alternative Dispute Resolution ; Negotiation ; Mediation




 Thailand Today Asia TomorrowKelvin Chia Thailand Kelvin Chia Partnership Asia Regional Law Firm

Kelvin Chia Partnership – Asia


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